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Photograph of Candor Hall taken April 2004
John Ladd's Manor House
Woodbury, New Jersey

John Ladd's Manor House
1337 Lafayette Avenue, W. Deptford, New Jersey (mailing address in Woodbury)
built circa 1688-90 by John-1 LADD (see below)
Description: reputed to be the oldest brick house in Gloucester County, it has four chimneys; the main building was made of native brick
Names: Candor Hall, Howell Estate, Ladd's Castle, Colonial Manor
Listed on the New Jersey Historic Register

Brief History: In 1688 John Ladd, a surveyor of Philadelphia for William Penn, became the possessor of about 7,000 acres of heavily timbered land, fronting on the Delaware River, forming what was first called Cork's Cove, then Ladd's Cove. In later years this became known as Howell's Cove, and later Washington Park (see below). This area is frequently spoken of as the "Horse Shoe," and lies between Gloucester and Red Bank (or Eagles) Point. Shortly after the purchase of this tract of land, Ladd built the Manor House, "Candor Hall," (that exists on Lafayette Street in West Deptford). The main portion of this house was of brick made on the grounds, and flanked on either end by expansive wings: of hewn timber. The brick two-story portion is still standing on Lafayette Street in Colonial Manor, W. Deptford NJ [see description below].

From source # 9 below: "The old 'Candor Hall' consisted originally of what is now the back parlor and room above, of brick, and two wings built of hewn logs and shingled to the ground, with mansard or hip roof. At the end of the wing at the north side or end of the back parlor, stood also a large brick kitchen. What is now the front parlor and several steps higher than the back parlor, was built in the time of John Ladd, Jr. and was used for a sleeping room. The brick kitchen was torn down in 1825, and in 1843 when Benjamin P. Howell removed them from Philadelphia, the wooden wings were torn down and cellar and drain put in. The latter of which was a very necessary improvement owing to the fact that very much of this old farm land had to be reclaimed by expensive under-draining, from the swamps which at that time were very extensive…"

"The road, which was on the southwest boundary of old 'Candor Hall' farm, is called the Hessian Road from the fact that the Hessian Troops, variously estimated at from 1200 to 2000-under Col. Count Donop in their attack on Fort Mercer at Red Bank, October 22, 1777, marched along this road. They were significantly defeated by some 400 Americans, mostly Negroes and mulattoes, under Col. Christopher Green… the small stream that takes its rise in the meadow just back of the Old House, crossing Hessian Road and emptying into Woodbury Creek, was called Hessian Run from the fact that the retreating soldiers there slaked their thirst, and many were there found wounded and dead. On the west side of Hessian Road the embankment and ditch of the 'Deer Park' are still very distinctly visible. It embraced some 400 acres…the ditch being on the inner side, the wild deer could leap into the Park but could not leap out.

Regarding FANCY HILL or Howell Estate [another structure no longer in existence]
In addition, descendants of John Ladd, built a second mansion, "Fancy Hill," [built in 1805 by Col. Joshua Ladd Howell-4 in what is now Westville NJ]. In the late 1800's, William J. Thompson purchased this property, called the Howell Estate. This was a large beautiful lot of land along the Delaware River, extending inward to what is now Route 130, with on the north side. Here, Mr. Thompson built, "Washington Park," that was promoted as "The Greatest Pleasure Resort in The World." Washington Park opened on Memorial Day of 1895 amid much excitement and festivities. The Howell mansion ["Fancy Hill"] was then renovated to contain a cafe and restaurant. The second-floor dining room overlooked the two-story band pavilion that seated approximately 1,000 persons.

In 1909 fire destroyed most of the park, including the Howell mansion. Thompson rebuilt parts of it, but a second disastrous blaze in 1913 saw the demise of the famous recreation area. It was never rebuilt. A portion of this land was later owned by the United States Government, being purchased for an Immigrant Station for the Port of Philadelphia.

During World War I, the Woodbury Bag Loading Plant, which packaged powder for the army, was located on the site. In 1982 Texaco's Eagle Point Refinery in West Deptford marked the park location.

January 13, 2004 -- Sunoco, Inc. said today that it has closed its previously announced acquisition of the Eagle Point refinery in Westville, NJ from El Paso Corporation. The purchase price was $111 million plus certain assumed liabilities and $138 million for inventories at closing.

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To learn more about "Candor Hall," and another building "Fancy Hill," and the people who lived there, see John-1 LADD and his descendants BELOW.

Photographs (above and below)
of Ladd's Castle, W. Deptford NJ, April 2004

John LADD of Eleham, county Kent, died 1476, leaving a son,
John LADD of Eleham, who died 1527, and by wife Alice had three sons:
- Stephen LADD, father of Thomas LADD, of Otling
- John LADD, father of Nicholas LADD of Wooten.
- Thomas LADD, of Barham, ancestor of the Lades of "Boughton House," county Kent
Nicholas LADD, of Wooten, Kent, whose eldest son was,
Nicholas LADD, of Swingfield, county Kent, Gent., died 1669, whose son,
Nicholas LADD, became a convert to Friends, and was buried in the Friends' Burying Ground at Hythe, Kent in 1699; father of,
John-1 LADD below


John-1 LADD, son of Nicholas LADD of Swingfield, Kent England.
Death: Will dated 1731, codicil dated April 4, 1740 (proved before Gov. Lewis Morris). He died in 1740. Willed the homestead of 560 acres to his son John, and his other property to his daughter, Katharine Howell, and granddaughter, Mary Parker. His sons, Samuel and Jonathan, had been previously provided for.
Marriage: Elizabeth who died in 1733.
Immigration and Property: Arrived at Burlington, New Jersey in 1678, as a young man. some say at the age of 21. 1688, 500 acres at Cork Cove, above Red Bank was surveyed to John Ladd and others. [Cork Cove was located below Timber Creek--afterwards called Ladd's Cove, and also later as Howell's Cove.] In 1688, with Jonathan Wood and Samuel Toms, he purchased a large tract of land in Deptford Township, extending from the river on the west to the Salem Road and beyond on the east. Soon afterwards he purchased both Wood and Toms interests, and built a dwelling house for himself on the tract, where he resided until his death. In 1721 he purchased a tract of land adjoining one he already owned (in current day W. Deptford) along the river shore, where he established a fishery (at Ladd's Cove).
At his death, he was one of the largest holders of real estate in the colony. In his will he mentions property: 300 acres in Greenwich Township, near Stephen Jones'; 875 acres near Neshaning Creek in Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co; 300 acres called Raven Rock above the falls on or near the Delaware River, in Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co.; 506 acres near Mantoes Creek, Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., and 300 acres near Allmon Creek, Deptford Township.
Occupation/Biography: He was present at the general meeting of the proprietors of West Jersey in 1687 and helped to arrange the details of that council, although he was never a member of that body. At the first meeting of that council in 1688, he [for Col. John Alford of Boston] and himself signed a protest to Gov. William Burnett against the repeal of the law regarding the dividing line of East and West Jersey. He was one of the first jurors of the first court, 1686, when the court sat at Gloucester and also at Red Bank. He was a practical surveyor, and acted as deputy for the surveyor-general of the western division of the state. Tradition states he was employed by William Penn in laying out the city of Philadelphia. Penn reportedly offered John Ladd property amounting to about a square in the best portion of Philadelphia, or thirty pounds in consideration of his services as a surveyor. Ladd chose the money, upon which Penn reportedly said to him: "John, thou art a Ladd by name and also a lad by nature. Dost thou not perceive this will be a great city?" He was probably a member of the Society of Friends.
Children of Samuel & Elizabeth LADD:
1. +Samuel LADD, married Mary Medcalf in 1713
2. +Jonathan LADD, married Ann Wills in 1723.
3. +Mary LADD, married Joseph PARKER of Philadelphia 21 March 1730 in Gloucester Co. NJ
4. John LADD Jr., married Hannah MICKLE in 1732. He died Dec. 20 1770. No children. John Ladd, Jr. was the youngest son according to his father's will; held the office of Clerk of the County of Gloucester [NJ] reportedly for 43 years, being appointed initially in 1747 by Governor John Hamilton. In 1739 he was appointed to the commission of 'peace and pleas' in Gloucester County. From the time of his marriage in 1732 to the death of his father in 1740, John Ladd Jr. resided at Gloucester NJ and managed the ferry between that place and Philadelphia (This he purchased from the estate of Richard Welden in 1753, and obtained the charter for the ferry from Governor William Cosby). He held other important positions in Gloucester Co NJ. When he died, he left a very large estate in lands, [including 1000 acres on Absecon Beach (Atlantic City)] amounting to some 6000 or 7000 acres to his widow, Hannah Mickle Ladd, 1600 acres at her death he bequeathed to his nephew, John Ladd Howell, but it descended to his son Joshua Ladd Howell in 1797. Hannah Ladd made her will Oct 5, 1792 bequeathing items and properties to her husband's nieces and nephews, and some to her own relatives, the Mickles and Hopkins.
5. +Katharine LADD, married John HOWELL on January 25, 1734.


Samuel-2 LADD (John-1)
Born: ?
Died: before 1732; a second source says he died in 1725. He died intestate, and his widow, Mary, administered his estate.
Married: Mary Medcalf in 1713; after Samuel's death she married 8 March 1732, Tobias Holloway
Residence: of Woodbury, New Jersey; He owned 400 acres south of Timber Creek and fronting on the Delaware River, purchased of the widow of Samuel Carpenter, of Philadelphia, in 1714. This tract embraced the farms of N.A. Newbold and Elizabeth Githins, and the present hamlet of Westville and beyond. A house, later owned by Deborah Ladd West [see below] can still be found here, called the Newbold-West House. According to various sources, it may have been built in 1746 by Thomas West.
Biography: He was elected a member of the Assembly from Gloucester in 1754 (N. J. Hist. Proc., May, 1850, 31). While still a member of that body, he was recommended by Governor Belcher in 1758 for a seat in the Council. (N. J. Archives, IX., 127). In 1762 he was appointed one of the Surrogates for West Jersey. (Ib., 359). In 1763 Governor Franklin recommended him for appointment as Councillor, saying: "Mr. Ladd is a Gentn. of Fortune and unblemished Character, was formerly in the Assembly where he was always on the Side of the Administration, and is now one of the principal Magistrates of Gloucester County, which Office he has long executed with Ability, and Credit to himself." (Ib., 387). Mr. Ladd was appointed August 31, 1763. (Ib., 394-5). He continued in that office until his death, at Woodbury, February -, 1771. (N. J. Archives, IX., 395; X., 224; XXVII., 380.)
Children of Samuel & Mary (Medcalf) LADD:
1. Matthew LADD; never married
2. Joseph LADD [In 1787, the NJ August Tax List shows a Joseph Ladd in Deptford Township, Gloucester Co NJ]
3. Sarah LADD
4. Deborah LADD, married Thomas WEST, the reputed founder of Westville, NJ. Children [WEST]: They had two sons, Charles and Joseph, to whom they gave the West Point Fishery. Daughter Mary married Samuel DENNY. Charles had 3 daughters, Deborah Lee, Maria Tatum, and Elizabeth Whitall. Joseph was a physician, and with his three cousins, Deborah, Maria and Elizabeth, sold the West Point Fishery to Col. Joshua Ladd Howell in 1811 for $9,000.
5. Katharine LADD

Jonathan-2 LADD (John-1)
Died: some records state he died in 1725, but he must have died in March 1731, as his will was proved on the 5th of April, then called the 2d month; His will is recorded in Lib. 3 of Wills A 182, Secretary of State's Office, Trenton NJ.
Married: 9 Dec 1723 at Burlington NJ to Ann WILLS, dau of John & Hope (Delafosses/Delafaste) WILLS, and granddaughter of Dr. Daniel Wills. She was born 30 Dec 1699 and died after 1734.
Residence: of Woodbury, Gloucester County, New Jersey on land that he recieved from his father.
Biography: owned a property of some 600 acres in Woodbury, NJ.
Children of Jonathan & Ann (Wills) LADD:
1. +Samuel LADD, twin, born Sept 1724; married Sarah --
2. Elizabeth LADD, twin, born Sept 1724

Mary-2 LADD (John-1)
Born: ?
Died: 1731
Married: Joseph PARKER of Philadelphia in 1730. He was a native of Yorkshire, (some records say Cumberland) England, who settled for a time in Chester Co. PA. He entered the office of David Lloyd, and after Lloyd's death, he succeeded him as Register and Recorder for Chester Co PA. , In 1758 he was commissioned Justice of the Peace. He removed later to New Jersey. Joseph was a nephew of the Quaker preacher, John Salkeld.
Biography: According to an account by Anna Blackwood Howell, their wedding guests were so numerous that ovens were built out of doors to cook and bake for them. Twenty couples on horseback attended them to Haddonfield Friends' Meeting House-many of the guests crossed the Delaware River from Philadelphia.
Children of Joseph & Mary (LADD) PARKER:
1. +Mary PARKER, married Charles Norris, of Philadelphia in 21 June 1759

Katherine-2 LADD (John-1)
Born: ?
Died: prior to May 9, 1764 in Philadelphia PA
Married: 25 Jan 1734 to John HOWELL, son of Jacob & Sarah (Vernon) Howell of Chester, PA at Friends' meeting-house at Haddenfield, NJ. John Howell died at John Ray's, near Savannah, GA in 1765.
Residence: settled at Woodbury N.J. Removed in 1739 to Philadelphia PA, and from there to the parish of Christ Church in Georgia, and from there to Charleston, S.C.
Immigration/Biography: His paternal grandfather John Howell and wife Sarah (and children Jacob, Evan and Sarah) emigrated in 1697 from Aberystwith, Cardigan Wales and settled in Philadelphia). His maternal grandfather was Francis Vernon who emigrated from Sandway, Cheshire, England and settled in Chester (now Delaware County) PA. Francis was the son of James Vernon, at one time Secretary of State of Great Britain, and brother to Sir Edward Vernon, Rear Admiral of the Blue, and a descendant of William, Lord De Vernon, Norman Baron, who accompanied William the Conqueror to England in 1066.
Children of John & Katherine (LADD) HOWELL:
1. Sarah HOWELL, married John SPARKS
2. +John Ladd HOWELL, b. 15 March 1738; married Frances PASCHALL


Samuel-3 LADD (Jonathan-2, John-1)
Born: September 1724
Died: ?
Married: Sarah --
Residence: of Woodbury, New Jersey
[Note that New Jersey Marriages 1684-1895 shows a marriage of a Samuel Ladd to a Sarah Hambilton on 2 Oct 1754 in Gloucester Co NJ]
Children of Samuel & Sarah LADD:
1. Jonathan LADD, b. Sept 23, 1755; d. June 6, 1760
2. Ann LADD, b. July 11, 1757; d. June 28, 1782
3. Hannah LADD, b. Nov 7, 1759; d. Nov 2, 1780
4. Deborah LADD, b. Sept 23, 1760; d. March 3, 1771
5. Ella LADD, b. June 2, 1762
6. John LADD, b. Nov 2, 1764
7. +Samuel LADD Jr., Nov 10, 1771; married 3 July 1815 to Ann WOOD.

Mary-3 PARKER (Mary-2 LADD, John-1 LADD)
Born: ?
Died: 4 Dec 1799
Married: Charles NORRIS, of Philadelphia in 21 June 1759 at the Old Quaker Meeting on Market Street in Philadelphia PA.
Children of Charles & Mary (Parker) NORRIS:
1. Isaac NORRIS, b. 18 July 1860 in Philadelphia PA; died 2 Oct 1802.
2. Deborah NORRIS, b. 19 Oct 1761 in Philadelphia PA; died 2 Feb 1839; married 6 Sep 1781 to Dr. George LOGAN, grandson of James Logan, Penn's secretary and intimate friend. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania published her manuscripts.
3. Joseph Parker NORRIS, b. 5 May 1763 in Philadelphia PA; died 22 June 1841 in Philadelphia PA; married 20 May 1790 to Mary Hill FOX. Had 16 children.
4. Charles NORRIS, b. 12 July 1765 in Philadelphia PA; died 24 Dec 1813; married 4 July 1793 to Eunice GARDNER. Had 3 children.

John Ladd HOWELL-3 (Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: 15 March 1738
Died: ?
Married: 23 July 1761 at Friends Meeting house, Darby PA to Frances PASCHALL [They had been married quietly by the pastor of the German Lutheran Church of St. Michael's and Zion, March 1, 1761]. Frances Paschall was born 12mo 27, 1740 and died 2 May 1812. She was the daughter of John and Frances (Hodge) PASCHALL of Darby, and granddaughter of Thomas and Margaret (Jenkins) PASCHALL of Philadelphia. Thomas PASCHALL was the son of Thomas PASCHALL who purchased land of William Penn in 1681 and emigrated from Bristol, England in Feb 1781-82; and Margaret Jenkins, dau of William Jenkins, who with his wife, Elizabeth GRIFFITH came from Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales and settled in Blockley, Philadelphia. William Jenkins was a Colonial Justice and member of Assembly 1690-96.
Residence: of Philadelphia, PA; John, when a youth followed his father south, but became dissatisfied and returned north. He engaged in business and became a leading merchant in Philadelphia.
Biography: one of the signers of the Non-Importation Agreement of October 23, 1765. Even though he was a Quaker, in 1775 he enlisted as a private in the Light Infantry and Commissary during the Revolution, organized in Philadelphia. In 1776, he was assigned a duty to investiage local powder (gun power) mills and report back to the Committee of Safety, which he did. In 1778 he was apopinted Assistant Commissary of purchases (to secure supplies, i.e. horses, cattle, grain) for the Pennsylvania patriot troops. In 1780 he was Judge Advocate at certain court martials convened to try military offenders. In 1763 he joined the Masonic Order in St. John's Lodge which met in Lodge Alley in Philadelphia. In the same year he joined the Library Company of Philadelphia.
Children of John Ladd & Frances (Paschall) HOWELL:
1. +Joshua Ladd HOWELL, b. 19 Sep 1762; married Anna Blackwood


Samuel Jr.-4 LADD (Samuel-3, Jonathan-2, John-1)
Born: Nov 10, 1771
Died: 19 July 1833
Married: 3 July 1815 to Ann WOOD, daughter of William & Deborah WOOD
Residence: of Deptford, New Jersey
Census: In 1850 US Census, Deptford NJ, ANN LADD, [probably the widow of Samuel] age 49, Female, 3000 born New Jersey
Children of Samuel & Ann (Wood) LADD
1. John LADD, b. May 26, 1816; d. June 9, 1816
2. James LADD, b. Oct 4, 1817; d. Aug 8, 1818
3. Sarah LADD, b March 26, 1820; d. May 15, 1832
4. +Samuel Hopkins LADD, b. March 6, 1826; married Sally Duncombe Johnson on Sept 22, 1846

Colonel Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4 (John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: 19 Sep 1762 at Woodbury, NJ
Died: 10 Jan 1818
Married: 16 Feb 1786 to Anna Blackwood of Gloucester NJ; she born 2 Feb 1769 and died 14 Jan 1855. Anna (Blackwood) Howell, was an eyewitness to scenes of the Revolutionary War which she recollected and narrated in written form years later, including the account of the march of Hessians through Haddenfield, NJ, the attack on Fort Mercer, the raid of the British throughout New Jersey and included the personal appearances of Lafayette, Pulaska, George Washington, Generals Howe, Henry Clinton, and Erskine, and Count Donop.
Residence: of Woodbury, NJ; For several years after his marriage he occupied the old Ladd homestead, known as "Candor Hill." He inherited from his father 1600 acres in Gloucester County NJ together with an interest in the "Fancy Hill" and "West Point" fisheries on the Delaware. In 1805 he erected a mansion upon a part of the land, within sight of the city of Philadelphia, where he lived until he died. This property, a noted place of entertainment and hospitality, remained in the possession of the Howell family until the close of the 19th century, when it was sold, become a pleasure resort known as Washington Park. The old Howell Mansion was destroyed by fire, August 13, 1909.
Biography: see
He attained prominence in public affairs in Gloucester County and the State of New Jersey: in 1798-9 he was a member of the New Jersey Assembly, and was identified with the militia for nearly a quarter of a century. He was commissioned a Captain, June 5, 1793, Major Feb 19, 1794, Lieutenant Colonel Nov 12 1793, and finally Colonel Sept 9 1817, his command being the 2d Regiment, 1st Brigate, 1st Division. During the war of 1812-15 he was encamped with his command at Billingsport on the Delaware River, and later at Cape May. He was a member of the Gloucester Fox Hunting Club.
Children of Joshua Ladd & Anna (Blackwood) HOWELL:
1. +Samuel Ladd HOWELL, b. 11 May 1787; married Mary Harrison Clayton on Nov 20, 1809
2. Paschall HOWELL, b. Nov 6, 1789; not married; died at "Fancy Hill," Sep 1, 1811
3. +Frances HOWELL, b. April 2, 1791; married Benjamin Butterton HOWELL, her 2d cousin on March 15, 1810; He was lost on steamer "President," with all on board in March 1851. She died June 8, 1829. Had 10 children.
4. John Ladd HOWELL, b. 16 Jan 1793; not married; d. Nov 30, 1828. He served as a private in the war of 1812-15, having enlisted Aug 29, 1814 in the company of Captain Thomas Franklin Pleasants, of Colonel Clement C. Biddle's 1st Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. He had previously (from May 13 1813 to July 27 1813) serived as a 3rd Sergeant of the Washington Guards, commanded by Cony Raguet.
5. +Ann/Anna Maria HOWELL, b. Oct 1795; married in 1825 to Rev. Joseph H. Jones, D.D.. She d. Jan 6 1865. He died Dec 22 1868..
6. Joshua HOWELL, b. Nov 20 1797; died Aug 10 1800
7. +Richard Washington HOWELL, b. Dec 15, 1799, d. Aug 12, 1859; married March 30, 1830 to Mary Tonkin CARPENTER
8. +Abigail Blackwood HOWELL, b. Feb 1 1802; married Oct 28 1828 to Rev. Thomas Leiper JANEWAY; She died Apr 14 1885
Rebecca HOWELL, b. July 3, 1804; d. Aug 20, 1811
10. +Joshua Blackwood HOWELL, b. Oct 1806; d Sep 15, 1864; married 1st, Mary LEWIS of Philadelphia; married 2d, Catharine WHETLEY of Newark, NJ
11. +Benjamin Paschall HOWELL, M.D., b Nov 26, 1808;d. Oct 10 1881; married Apr 29, 1835 to Rachel LEWIS who d. Oct 2, 1882


Samuel Hopkins-5 LADD (Samuel Jr-4, Samuel-3, Jonathan-2, John-1)
Born: March 6, 1826 at Woodbury, Gloucester Co. NJ
Died: March 6 1866 in Woodbury, Gloucester Co. NJ
Married: 22 Sep 1846 to Sally Duncombe Johnson, daughter of Shelby Johnson of Virginia.
Residence: Deptford/Woodbury, New Jersey
Biography: He was a Colonel on the staff of Governor Holden.
CENSUS: 1850 US Census, Deptford NJ shows:
Samuel LADD Senior, 25 Male, Gentleman, 60,000 born NJ
Sally Danston LADD, 21 Female born VA
William W. LADD, 3 Male born NJ
Samuel Ladd Jr. 5/12 Male born NJ
Children of Samuel H. & Sally (Duncomb Johnson) LADD:
1. William Waddell LADD b. July 20, 1847; d. Dec 12, 1863 at the age of 16; unmarried; enlisted in 2d NJ Volunteer Regiment of Cavalry in 1861 and died during service.
2. +Samuel Hopkins LADD Jr., b. Dec 15 1849; married Kate B. Johnson on Jan 15 1879
3. Sally Cora LADD, b. Aug 19, 1853, d. Aug 9, 1854

Prof. Samuel Ladd-5 HOWELL (Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born 11 May 1787
Died: Nov 1, 1835
Married: Mary Harrison Clayton, , daughter of Thomas Clayton. on Nov 20, 1809. She died Sep 9, 1852
Residence: of Princeton NJ
Biography: In 1824 graduated from the Medical Department of the University of Philadelphia. From 1830 to his death he was a professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Princeton College. Prior to studying medicine he was, during the War of 1812, 1st Lieutenant of a company of Gloucester County Volunteers, and in 1818 was chosen to represent that county in the New Jersey Assembly. He was a professor at Princeton College, and an eminent physician. A chair of medicine was established for him, while lapsed at his death.
Children of Samuel & Mary Harrison (Clayton) HOWELL:
1. Sarah Clayton HOWELL, b. Oct 31, 1810; not married; died at Georgetown, D.C. May 16, 1878
2. Paschall HOWELL, b. Aug 21, 1812; d. Sept 1, 1813
3. +Anna/Annie HOWELL, b. June 25, 1814; married on Dec 11, 1838 to Alexander Hamilton DODGE. She d. April 4 1871. Had 9 children.
4. Thomas Clayton HOWELL, b. sep 25 1815; d. Sep 14 1817
5. William Meade HOWELL, b. Sep 9, 1817; d. Oct 3 1835
6. Joshua Paschall HOWELL, b Feb 13 1820; d. Aug 26 1824
7. Samuel Harrison HOWELL, b. Dec 11 1821; m. Jane Macomb WILLIAMSON on June 15, 1852. To them were born 2 daughters and 2 sons, none of whom ever married, namely: (HOWELL): Elizabeth (b 1856, d 1858), Mary Clayton (b 1859, d 1871), Lennie Stewart (b 1862 d 1888) and Samuel (b 1864).
8. Francis Lafayette HOWELL, b. July 1824, d. Sep 2, 1825
9. John Augustus HOWELL, b. Aug 1826; d. Jan 19 1829
10. Frances/Fanny HOWELL, b. July 2, 1836, d. Oct 1836

Frances-5 HOWELL (Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: April 2, 1791
Died: June 8, 1829
Married: Benjamin Betterton HOWELL, son of Capt. Joseph & Rebecca (Betterton) HOWELL, her 2d cousin on March 15, 1810; He was lost on steamer "President," with all on board in March 1851. Had 10 children.
Children of Benjamin B. & Frances (Howell) HOWELL:
1.+ Lewis HOWELL b. Feb 1, 1811; married Margaret H. ARMSTEAD
2. Henry Washington HOWELL b. Feb 3, 1813; married Emiliy W. BABCOCK; had one daughter and two sons, i.e. (HOWELL): Frances B. (b Oct 8, 1852) , Edward B. (b May 15, 1856; d Jan 4, 1884), and Henry Washington (b. June 17, 1859)
3. Alfred HOWELL, died at birth
4. Rebecca HOWELL, died Jan 4, 1883; married 1841 to Francis W. BABCOCK; had one son, Francis BABCOCK, b. Sep 3, 1842, died Dec 3, 1868.
5. +Anna HOWELL; married Dec 26, 1838 to Rev. John Murray FORBES of New York.
6. Frances HOWELL; married Dec 19, 1843 to Howard KENNEDY, M.D. and had children (KENNEDY): Frances H., Howard, Frank, Anna Howell, and Kate.
7. +Ellen Marie HOWELL, b. Dec 25, 1820; married Rev. Whiting GRISWOLD.
8. +Mary Elizabeth HOWELL, married Alexander Hamilton CAMPBELL, M.D
9. +Alfred HOWELL, b. 3 Sep 1825 at Uniontown, Fayette Co PA
10. Margaretta Wilson HOWELL; married Richard RAGAN, of Washington County, MD

Richard Washington-5 HOWELL, Esq. (Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Dec 15, 1799
Died: May 13 1859
Married: March 30, 1830 to Mary Tonkin CARPENTER, eldest daughter of Edward and Sarah (Stratton) Carpenter. She was born at Glassboro NJ on Sep 14, 1805. She was still iving in July 1890.
Residence: of Camden NJ
Biography: Named after his relative, Governor Richard Howell of New Jersey; he was a distinguished lawyer of Camden, New Jersey, a member of the Camden Council of 1851-53; a warden of St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church.
Children of Richard W. & Mary Tonkin (Carpenter) HOWELL:
1. John Paschall HOWELL, b. Apr 12, 1831; d. June 2 1832
2. Edward Carpenter HOWELL, b. July 24, 1833; d. March 5, 1834
3. +Samuel Bedell HOWELL, M.D., b. Sept 30 1834; graduated at University of Pennsylvania in 1858; From 1868 to 1901 was Professor of Chemistry and Materia Medica at the Philadelphia Dental College; married on Apr 13 1859 to Maria Elmer NEILL, dau of Rev. William Neill, DD. Children, 3 sons and a daughter (HOWELL): William, Richard W., Henry E., and Sophie
4. Charles Stratton HOWELL, b. Dec 21, 1837; not married in 1890.
5. Richard Holmes Offly HOWELL, b. April 2, 1840; d. Jan 3, 1850
6. +Joshua Ladd HOWELL, b. June 16, 1842; m. April 15, 1875 to Mary Eyre SAVAGE, dau of William Lyttleton Savage, of Philadelphia
7. Thomas James HOWELL, b. Oct 10, 1844; 2d Lieut. in Co 1, 3d Reg. NJ Volunteers, during Civil War; killed at Gaines Mill June 27, 1862
8. +Anna HOWELL, b. Sept 12, 1846; married on May 10, 1809 to Malcolm/Malone LLOYD of Philadelphia. Had 7 children.
9. Francis Lee HOWELL, b. 1849, d. 1872; never married
10. Sarah Carpenter HOWELL, b. 1850, d. 1852

Anna Maria HOWELL-5 (Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4 (John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Oct 10, 1795
Died: Jan 16, 1865
Married: 1825 to Joseph H. Jones, DD
Children of Dr. Joseph H. & Anna M. (Howell) JONES:
1. Samuel JONES, b. 1825, d. March 6, 1885
2. Elizabeth H. JONES, b. Dec 1827, d. March 15, 1870
3. Anna H. JONES
4. Francis H. JONES
5. Ellen A. JONES, b. Apr 1837, d. Aug 22 1876

Abigail Blackwood-5 HOWELL (Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Feb 1 1802 aka Abby
Died: April 5, 1885
Married: Oct 28 1828 to Rev. Thomas Leiper JANEWAY, D.D., L.L. D. of Philadelphia, a noted Presbyterian minister. He was born Feb 27, 1805 in Philadelphia PA, son of the Rev. Jacob Jones and Martha Gray (Leiper) Janeway. He entered the University of Pennsylvania in 1820 and graduated valedictorian with the class of 1823. He graduated from Princeton Theological seminar in 1827; was tutor at Allegheny Seminary 1828; pastor at Rahway NJ 1829-40; of the North Church, Philadelphia PA 1840-54; and at Kingston NJ 1855-61; corresponding secretary of the Presbyterian board of domestic missions, 1861-68, and then retired from active work, preaching occasionally. He was trustee of Lafayette College, PA 1847-52; declined the presidency of Jefferson College in 1857; was trustee of Princeton Theological Seminary 1861-65, and secretary of the board 1861-62; a director of the Seminary 1849-67, and secretary of the board of directors 1860-64. He receive an honorary degree of D.D. from the College of New Jersey in 1850 and that of LLD elsewhere. He died in Philadelphia PA on Sept 14, 1895.
Children of Rev. Thomas L. & Abigail B. (Howell) JANEWAY:
1. Jacob T. JANEWAY
2. Col. John Howell JANEWAY, M.D., b. Apr 12, 1832; Deputy Surgeon-General, US Army; married Isabella W. GREEN on June 10 1855; Children (JANEWAY): James G., Thomas T., William M., and John Howell Jr. of New York City.
3. +Martha Gray JANEWAY, b. Nov 27, 1833; married Charles HODGE, Jr. M.D., son of Rev. Charles and Sarah (Bache) Hodge, D.D. of Princeton Theological Seminary.
4. Anna Howell JANEWAY, b. Dec 3, 1835; married June 5, 1861 to Rev. Nathaniel UPHAM, son of Judge N.G. Upham of Concord NH. They had 7 children (UPHAM): Bessie Lord, Anna, Nathaniel, Lillian H., L. Frank, John Howell Janeway (M.D. was Professor of Medicine at Starling Medical College, Columbus Ohio), and Abbie Upham.
5. +Rev. Dr. Joshua Blackwood Howell JANEWAY, b May 16, 1837; married June 24, 1863 to Margaret E. Berrien.

Joshua Blackwood-5 HOWELL (Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Oct 1806
Died: Sept 12, 1864
Married 1st, 7 April 1831 Mary LEWIS of Philadelphia. She died Sep 1852; He married 2d, Oct 15, 1854 to Catharine WHETLEY of Newark, NJor DE
Children of Joshua B. & Mary (Lewis) Howell:
1. Anna Blackwood HOWELL, m. David Shryver/Shriner STEWART, July 30, 1861. To them was born one child, Joshua Howell STEWART, who married Olive BARTON. This couple had 3 children (STEWART): Barton, Anna Howell, and Andrew L.
Children of Joshua B. & Catharine (Whetley) HOWELL:
2. Mary Lewis HOWELL, married Albert Blackstone SCOTT, of Milledgeville, GA, a graduate of West Point (who retired with the rank of Major in 1905; he was severely wounded at the battle of San Juan Hill, during the Spanish-American War.).

Benjamin Paschall-5 HOWELL, M.D. (Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Nov 26, 1808
Married: Apr 29, 1835 to Rachel LEWIS,, a sister of General Howell's first wife. She d. Oct 2, 1882
Residence: of Woodbury, NJ; because of his impaired health, in 1842 he removed to the ancestral home, "Candor Hall," New Jersey. In 1855 he removed to the place of his birth, "Fancy Hill," and finally in 1859 he settled at Woodbury, a mile or two distant.
Biography: Was a graduate of the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1831, and shortly thereafter was appointed Resident Physician and Surgeon at the Philadelphia Hospital, popularly known as the Alms House. This post he held during the outbreak of the Asiatic cholera in 1832. For his services during the epidemic, Dr. Howell received from the Board of Visiting Physicians and Surgeons a testimonial, engrossed on parchment, which set forth "his conspicuous ability, fidelity, and courage" in the management of the Alms House during this trying period.
Children of Dr. Benjamin P. & Rachel (Lewis) HOWELL:
1. Anna Lewis HOWELL, b. Jan 19 1836; married Dr. Frederick Ridgely GRAHAM of Chester PA [some records state he is of Ocean City, NJ], on June 14 1869.
2. Frances Paschall HOWELL, b. June 12, 1839; not married; died at age 62.
3. Mary Morse HOWELL, b. May 14, 1845; married John Samuel. JESSUP on Nov 2, 1871. He was a noted citizen of West Jersey. Their children (JESSUP): Joseph B., Benjamin H., John Samuel, Mary, Rachel L., Anna G., and Sarah
4. Benjamin Paschall HOWELL, b. Dec 18 1847; married Catharine A. VEECH/VEACH of New Haven CT on Apr 21, 1885. Child: Katharine Ashman HOWELL


Samuel Hopkins Jr.-6 LADD (Samuel H-5, Samuel Jr-4, Samuel-3, Jonathan-2, John-1)
Born: Dec 15, 1849 in Woodbury NJ
Married: 15 Jan 1879 to Kate Branford Johnson, daughter of Thomas L. & Cora V (Tyree) Johnson of Virginia.
Biography: Graduated from olytechnic College of PA with a degree of C.E. on July 1, 1868. Civil engineer in Woodbury NJ; In 1881 he started a merchantile business (tobacco) in Philadelphia with his father-in-law at 32 South Front Street (or 3380 Front Street), the firm name being Johnson & Ladd. From 1871 -1873 (like his immigrant ancestor, John Ladd) he became the city surveyor of Woodbury. In 1873 he was elected justice of the peace. In 1875-1880 he was elected to the Woodbury city council and was president of the council. In 1897 he was mayor of Woodbury for over 13 years. He was a Republican, and at one time commissioner of deeds. He was a member of Florence Lodge No. 87 Free and Accepted Mason of Woodbury, of which he was a past worshipful master. He was also a member of the Odd Fellows Lodge of Woodbury. For more than 32 he was a member of the Friendship Fire Company of Woodbury, including holding offices of president and vice president. He was a communicant of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Woodbury.
Residence: 176 South Broad Street, Woodbury NJ.
Children of Samuel H. & Kate B. (Johnson) LADD, Jr:
1. Cora V., b. Nov 2, 1879; married Henry Barton REEVES, of Woodbury NJ
2. Sarah Duncombe (Sallie), b. Jan 1, 1881; married Matthew E. DAVIS of New York City.
3. Mary Conner, b. 1883; unmarried in 1900.

Ellen Marie HOWELL-6 (Frances HOWELL-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Dec 25, 1820
Died: Sept 12, 1843
Married: to Rev. Whiting GRISWOLD. He died Apr 25, 1849
Children of Rev. Whiting & Ellen Marie (Howell) GRISWOLD:
1. +Benjamin H. GRISWOLD, b. Oct 3, 1845; married 1871 to Carrie G. ROBERTSON and had 3 children (GRISWOLD): Ellen H., Benjamin H. and Robertson
2. Chester GRISWOLD, b. Apr 5, 1848, d. July 23, 1855

Mary Elizabeth HOWELL-6 (Frances HOWELL-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Married: May 27, 1845 to Alexander Hamilton CAMPBELL, M.D. He died April 10, 1859
Children of Alexander H. & Mary E. (Howell) CAMPBELL:
1. Benjamin H. CAMPBELL, b. March 21, 1848; married Mary R. SHIRAS; children (CAMPBELL): James S., Mary H., and Nannette.
2. Frances J. CAMPBELL, b. Jan 6, 1851; d. June 19, 1855
3. Alexander H. CAMPBELL, b. July 8, 1853

Anna/Annie HOWELL-6 (Prof Samuel L. Howell-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John -1) b. June 25, 1814; married on Dec 11, 1838 to Alexander Hamilton DODGE. She d. April 4 1871, and he d. d. 3 Feb 1878.
Children of Alexander H. & Anna (Howell) DODGE:
1. Samuel DODGE, b. 21 Feb 1839, d. 11 Sep 1840
2. Francis Thomson DODGE, b. 3 Feb 1841
3. Mary DODGE, b. 8 Oct 1842
4. Clayton DODGE, b. 21 March 1844, d. 20 Apr 1847
5. Elizabeth DODGE, b. 28 May 1846
6. +Harrison DODGE, b. 21 March 1852
7. Anna DODGE, b. 14 March 1854
8. Emily DODGE, b. 1 Oct 1857, d. 24 Nov 1865

Lewis-6 HOWELL (Frances-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Feb 1, 1811; d. Sept 24, 1854
Died: Sept 24, 1854
Married: in 1840 to Margaret H. ARMSTEAD, dau of Col. George Armstead (US Army, of Fort McHenry fame in the War of 1812). She died Feb 23, 1861.
Children of Lewis & Margaret H (Armstead) HOWELL:
1. +Frances HOWELL, b. Aug 1, 1841; m. Dr. Stephen D. Kennedy
2. Dandridge K. HOWELL

Anna-6 HOWELL (Frances-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Married: Dec. 26, 1838 to Rev. John Murray FORBES of New York
Children of Rev. John Murray & Anna (Howell) FORBES:
1. +Francis Blackwell FORBES, b. Oct 11, 1839; m. Isabel CLARK
2. Fannie FORBES, b. July 24, 1841
3. Anna/Annie Adelaid FORBES, b. Oct 17, 1842; married in 1874 to Dr. John R. CARMICHAEL. No children.
4. +John Murray FORBES, b. Oct 27, 1844; married 1882 to Minnie E. GRISWOLD
5. Paschall S. FORBES, b. May 20, 1846
6. Mary J. FORBES, b. March 7, 1849; d. March 10, 1849

Alfred-6 HOWELL (Frances-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born 3 Sep 1825 at Uniontown, Fayette Co PA
Died: 10 May 1887, buried Uniontown Cemetery
Married: 27 Jan 1853 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA to Elizabeth Jennings DAWSON. She b. 16 Aug 1827 in Brownsville, Fayette Co. PA
Children of Alfred & Elizabeth J. (Dawson) HOWELL:
1. Mary K. HOWELL, b. 2 July 1854 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA; died 24 Nov 1873.
2. Frances HOWELL, b. 21 Oct 1856 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA; died 13 Dec 1914
3. Ellen C. HOWELL, b. 14 Apr 1859 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA; married Judge Edmund H. REPPERT; at least one child (REPPERT) Elizabeth H., born May 10, 1890.
4. +George Dawson HOWELL, b. 20 Apr 1861 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA
5. Benjamin B. HOWELL, b. 1 Nov 1863 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA; married Oct 6, 1887 Bell EWING; at least one child (HOWELL): Virginia Ewing, born June 1 1890
6. Katherine Willson HOWELL, b. 22 Nov 1866 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA; died 19 May 1934

Joshua Ladd-6 HOWELL (Richard Washington-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: June 16, 1842
Died: Aug 19, 1893
Married: April 15, 1875 to Mary Eyre SAVAGE, dau of William Lyttleton Savage, of Philadelphia
Biography: educated at the University of Pennsylvania, studied law, and was admitted to the NJ Bar. He became identifed with the shipping firm of Peter Wright & Sons, Philadelphia, becoming secretary of the International Steamship Company.
Child of Joshua L. & Mary E. (Savage) HOWELL:
1. Evelyn Virginia HOWELL, b. July 7 1877; married George WILLING of Philadelphia

Anna HOWELL-6 (Richard Washington-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Sept 12, 1846
Married: June 10 1869 to Malcolm LLOYD, son of John and Esther Barton (Malcolm) LLOYD, and a descendant of Robert Lloyd of Merionethshire, Wales, who settled in Chester Co. PA 1708. He died Sep 11, 1911
Children of Malcolm and Anna (Howell) LLOYD:
1. Howell LLOYD, b. March 2, 1871
2. Malcolm LLOYD, b. Jan 16 1874
3. Stacy Barcroft LLOYD, b. Jan 16 1874
4. Francis Vernon LLOYD, b. Dec 2, 1880
5. Anna Howell LLOYD,b. Dec 2, 1881
6. Esther LLOYD, b. Dec 12, 1882
7. Mary Carpenter LLOYD, b. Dec 26, 1887

Samuel Bedell HOWELL, M.D-6 (Richard Washington HOWELL, Esq-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Sept 30 1834
Died: Dec 12, 1909
Married: on Apr 13 1859 to Maria Elmer NEILL, dau of Rev. William Neill, DD
Biography: graduated at University of Pennsylvania.
Children of Dr. Samuel B. & Maria E. (Neill) HOWELL:
1. William HOWELL, b. 1860
2. Richard W. HOWELL, b. 1862
3. Henry E. HOWELL, b. 1875
4. Sophie HOWELL, b. 1876

Martha Gray JANEWAY-6 (Abigail Blackwood-5 HOWELL (Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Nov 27, 1833
Married: June 2, 1858 to Charles HODGE Jr., M.D., son of Rev. Charles and Sarah (Bach) HODGE, D.D. of Princeton Theological Seminary.
Children of Dr. Charles & Martha G. (Janeway) HODGE:
1. Alice HODGE, b. May 13, 1859; m. Oct. 19, 1889 to Price Wetherell JANEWAY
2. Sarah B. HODGE, b. July 24, 1861
3. Charles HODGE, b. Sept 3, 1863; married 1894 to Peachy CONOVER
4. Thomas L. HODGE, b. July 9, 1865, married Jan 9, 1892 to Rachel W. JANEWAY
5. Hugh B. HODGE, b. Aug 29, 1867, married Oct 3, 1893 to Margaret R. GREENSHAW
6. Archibald A. HODGE, b. Aug 29, 1870
7. Henry L. HODGE, b. Dec 1, 1874

Rev. Dr. Joshua Blackwood Howell-6 JANEWAY (Abigail Blackwood-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: May 16, 1837
Married; June 24, 1863 to Margaret E. Berrien, daughter of Commodore John M. Berrien. She died June 10 1864 and he married 2d, on Oct 25, 1866 to Alice P., dau of Thomas and Sarah (Perry) Beamis of Randolph.
Residence: of New York City, NY
Child of Rev. Joshua H. & Margaret E. (Berrien) JANEWAY:
1. Margaret JANEWAY, b. June 5, 1864; married Aug 19 1889 to Hugh E. MITCHELL. One child, Dorothy Berrien MITCHELL, b. Aug 2, 1890
Children of Rev. Joshua H. & Alice P. (Beamis) JANEWAY:
2. Helen Beamis JANEWAY, b. Aug 20, 1867
3. Anna Howell JANEWAY, b. Feb 3, 1869, d. Oct 10 1869
4. Alice Perry JANEWAY, b. Aug 7, 1870
5. Thomas JANEWAY, b. Dec 13, 1871; d. Oct 27 1872
6. Robert Bruce JANEWAY, b. Jan 16 1874; d. Aug 9, 1874
7. Edward Carleton JANEWAY, b. Feb 15, 1876; d. Nov 9, 1879

Col. John Howell JANEWAY, M.D-6 (Abigail Blackwood HOWELL-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: April 12, 1832
Married: June 10, 1855 Isabella W. GREEN
Children of Col. John H. & Isabella W. (Green) JANEWAY:
1. James G. JANEWAY, b. March 12, 1856
2. Thoms T. JANEWAY, b. May 30, 1860
3. William M. JANEWAY, b. March 30, 1863; d. Jan 18, 1866
4. John J. JANEWAY, b. Oct 5, 1865

Anna Howell JANEWAY-6 (Abigail Blackwood HOWELL-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Dec 3, 1835
Married: June 5, 1861 to Rev. Nathaniel L. UPHAM, a noted Presbyterian minister and son of Judge N.G. Upham of Concord NH.
Children of Rev. Nathaniel L. & Anna H. (Janeway) UPHAM:
1. Bessie Lord UPHAM, b. May 6, 1862, died in infancy
2. Anna UPHAM, b. April 3, 1863
3. Nathaniel UPHAM, b. Aug 28, 1865
4. Lillian H. UPHAM, b. Sept. 2, 1867
5. L. Frank UPHAM, b. Aug. 30, 1869
6. John Howell Janeway UPHAM, b. Aug. 12, 1871; M.D., Professor of Medicine at Starling Medical College, Columbus OH
7. Abbie UPHAM, b. June 8, 1876


Frances-7 HOWELL (Lewis-6 HOWELL, Frances-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Aug 1, 1841
Married: Dec 19, 1863 to Dr. Stephen D. Kennedy. He died June 13, 1855.
Child of Dr. Stephen D. & Frances (Howell) KENNEDY:
1. +Frances Howell Hughes KENNEDY, b. Oct 9 1864; died July 20, 18--; married William Maurice MANLY
2. Howard KENNEDY, b. June 22, 1846, d. July 26, 1881
3. Frank KENNEDY, b. Feb 12, 1848; d. July 16, 1885
4. Anna H. KENNEDY, b. June 23, 1852
5. Kate KENNEDY, b. Feb 3, 1854; d. Feb 26, 1885

Francis Blackwell FORBES-7 (Anna HOWELL-6, Frances HOWELL-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Oct 11, 1839
Married: m. Isabel CLARK
Children of Francis B. & Isabel (Clark) FORBES:
1. Isabel FORBES, b. Apr 14, 1868
2. Alice A. FORBES, b. May 24, 1869, d. Oct 23, 1873
3. Ethel A. FORBES, b. Jan 18, 1872
4. Evelyn FORBES, b. June 24, 1873
5. Francis M.FORBES, b. Aug 31, 1874
6. Charles Stewart FORBES, b. ov 12, 1877
7. James C. FORBES, b. Oct 22, 1879

John Murray FORBES-7 (Anna HOWELL-6, Frances HOWELL-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Oct 27, 1844
Married: 1882 to Minnie E. GRISWOLD
Children of John Murray & Minnie E. (Griswold) FORBES:
1. Gorden FORBES, b May 8, 1883
2. John G. FORBES, b. Nov 13, 1885; d. April 29, 1887
3. Janet FORBES, b July 7, 1888
4. Howell FORBES, b. May 10, 1891
5. John M. FORBES, b. June 17, 1893

Benjamin H. GRISWOLD-7 ( Ellen Marie HOWELL-6 (Frances HOWELL-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Oct 3, 1845
Married: 1871 to Carrie G. ROBERTSON
Children of Benjamin H. & Carrie G. (Robertson) GRISWOLD:
1. Ellen H. GRISWOLD, b. Oct 4, 1872
2. Benjamin H. GRISWOLD, b. May 1, 1874
3. Robertson GRISWOLD, b. Apr 13, 1884

Harrison-7 H. DODGE (Anna/Annie HOWELL-6, Prof Samuel L. Howell-5, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John -1) b. 21 March 1852, m. 1875 in Georgetown DC to Lucretia Wolcott Knowlton, dau of Judge Knowlton. She b Peoria IL. She married 2) -- Browne. The Washington Post of Oct 25, 1904 shows information about her will, probated Oct 5th and mentions niece, Mary L. Shepard, Ethel Browne, dau of Harry Montgomery Browne a nephew of her husband; sister, Elizabeth K. Dodge, and Anna Howell Heiberg, along with three nieces, Lucretia W. Dodge, Elizabeth K. Dodge and Mary Eleanor Dodge. She directed that Gen. Browne's swords and guns be presented to the National Museum. Capt. Elvin R. Heiberg was to have any books. Harrison H. Dodge was named executor. [This information is incomplete, discrepancies in this line]
Children of Harrison H. & Lucretia W. (Knowlton) Dodge:
1. Anna Howell DODGE, who m. Elvin Ragnvald Heiberg
  Child of Elvin R. & Anna H. (Dodge) Heiberg)
  (1) Marie Doeth Heiberg, b. 17 June 1903, m. Eleazar "Zar" Parmly
   17 June 1924 in Washington DC. Children include Eleazar "Lea or
   "Lee" Parmly, b. 23 April 1925 in Walter Reed Army Hospital,
    Washington DC and died 1977 in an automobile accident; attended
    West Point and m. Hortense Marie West; and Oliver Wolcott "Tut"
    Parmly, b. 21 June 1926 at Mary Fletcher Hospital, Burlington VT,
    and resided Richmond VT in 1992, married -- Mossman.

George Dawson-7 HOWELL (Alfred-6 HOWELL, Frances-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: 20 Apr 1861 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA
Died: 30 May 1925 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co MA
Married: 27 June 1888 in Dorchester, Norfolk Co. MA to Grace HURD, dau of Charles Henry & Julia (Edwards) Hurd. She was b. 10 March 1868 in Belmont, Middlesex Co. MA and died 7 Oct 1945 in Concord, Middlesex Co. MA
Children of George D. & Grace (Hurd) HOWELL:
1. Alfred HOWELL, b. 12 May 1889 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA
2. Charles Hurd HOWELL, b. 25 Feb 1891 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA; married 19 Dec 1916 in Cambridge, England to Margaret RUSSELL. 3 children.
3. George Dawson HOWELL, b. 25 June 1893 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA
4. Sylvia Burt HOWELL, b. 30 Oct 1896 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA
5. Frances HOWELL, b. 8 Sep 1900 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA
6. Julia Edwards HOWELL, b. 17 Apr 1903 in Uniontown, Fayette Co PA


Frances Howell Hugh(e)s-8 KENNEDY
(Frances-7 HOWELL, Lewis-6 HOWELL, Frances-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1)
Born: Oct 9, 1864
Died: July 20, 1893
Married: June 10, 1886 to William Maurice MANLY, son of Matthias Evans & Sarah (Simpson) Manley. He b. 24 February 1859 at Newbern, NC. He m2) 1902 to Mathilde L. Keyser and had 2 children, William Keyser and Mary Mathilde. They resided in the summer at their country residence, "Elleslie" near Cantonsville MD and in the winter at their town house 1109 North Calvert St., Baltimore MD. He was employed by Clyde Line of steamers until 1879 when he with his brother-in-law
James S. Whedbee was engaged in the cotton business in Baltimore MD. He was president of the Maryland Jockey Club and the Elkridge Hunt Club. He was a Roman Catholic.
Children of William Maurice & Frances H. H. (Kennedy) MANLY:
1. Margaret Hughs MANLY, b. 1887; d. Feb 8, 1887
2. +Christopher Hughs MANLY, b. March 9, 1888
3. Louise Margaret MANLY, b. 1890, d. in infancy
4. Louis MANLY, b. Nov 25, 1892; d. Feb 1, 1895
Children of William Maurice & Mathilde L. (Keyser) MANLY:
5. William Keyser MANLY
6. Mary Mathide MANLY


Christopher Hughes-9 MANLY
, (Frances Howell Hugh(e)s-8 KENNEDY, Frances-7 HOWELL, Lewis-6 HOWELL, Frances-5 HOWELL, Joshua Ladd HOWELL-4, John Ladd HOWELL-3, Katherine LADD-2, John-1) b. March 9, 1888, d. 1918; m) Mathilde Keyser 23 Apr 1902. She b. abt 1885. He was a 1913 Harvard University Alumni, and at the time of his graduation was residing at 1109 N. Calvert St., Baltimore MD.
Children of Christopher H. & Mathilde (Keyser) MANLY:
1. William Keyser MANLY, b 2 July 1903, d. aft 1929; m. 19 Nov 1926 to Georgina Hawkins, and had at least one ch, Georgina Wells MANLY b. 1928.
2. Mary Mathilde MANLY, b. 30 Dec 1908, d. after 1929; m. about 1928 to John Edward Johnston. At least one ch, Mollie Brent JOHNSON, b. abt 1929.

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10. A memorial history and genealogical record of the John Howell and John Stutzman families by Jonathan Howell, Rushville IL, 1922

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